Amethyst is a crystal that belongs to the quartz family and can be found in places such as Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The stone is usually purple in colour however the shade can vary significantly from a very deep violet to light lavender that is almost translucent. It has been used in jewellery for a very long time and in particular can be seen in the Crown Jewels in England. It has also been worn by every pope since the sixteenth Century.

Amethyst * The Spiritual Side

Amethyst is thought to be a stone of spirituality and can help with contentment and meditation as well as strengthening psychic abilities. Amethyst can also help with trust, flexibility and common sense. These are quite grounding properties that help a person to deal with a variety of changes they experience. In addition amethyst is associated with dream recall. It is also thought to be a stone of humility helping us to see ourselves in context and see the bigger picture. Due to its direct connection to the mind amethyst is actually the stone that is most recommended for people suffering from stress and it could also help with anxiety.

Amethyst Sphere, tumbled stones, and clusters

Amethyst * The Healing Properties

At the core, the very essence of healing with crystals is really related to belief. Healing stones – be they amethyst or any other  – really boils down to the confidence of the healer and the faith of the individual who wants to be healed.  That said, I do from time to time separate out different stones for healing, finding one or the other to be especially effective. One of those is amethyst.

In terms of folk remedies it is also thought to strengthen the metabolism, immune system and circulatory system as well as bolstering production of hormones. In addition it is thought to be a useful remedy for headaches and also for balancing blood sugar levels in the body. One of the properties it is thought to have is that of sobriety meaning it can be useful for addictions such as alcohol, food and others. It can improve motivation and help people to achieve their goals and see them more clearly. Its properties are useful for people who have sleep problems including insomnia. Emotionally it is useful at getting rid of emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety.


Amethyst has long been one of my favorite crystals. It’s the one I tend to “hear” the most. Although that fondness is key piece of any successful healing, there are certain amethyst healing properties that can be helpful.

Sean from  says this:

Traditional healers look to the past to ascertain what a particular crystal can or can’t do. Amethyst has long been associated with sobriety – that is, freedom from alcohol addiction. However, it can also mean sobriety in the broader sense of the term – acute thinking, clear thought patterns, deliberate and conscious intent. When you are unsure of what do next in your life – whether we’re talking work or love or money or what have you – amethyst can be a real asset.

It is also a crystal that has a reputed ability to help with poisoning of any kind. I interpret this broadly. I recently carried some amethyst with me while getting some x-rays. When I am in the city, and surrounded by air that is much more compromised than that in my little town, I like to have some amethyst in my pocket. It is probably also good for stomach ailments though at that point I turn to peppermint tea!

I have found amethyst to be most helpful in terms of enhancing concentration. I often use it when I am meditating, especially when I feel like I’m in one of those dry spells where the meditation or prayer feels ineffective. As well, it is a stone that I will sometimes use while writing, the better to align my thoughts with the words that I’m using.

A laundry list of Amethyst healing powers would include: depression, headaches, insomnnia et cetera. There is a tendency these days to simply list every single ill or sickness possible when talking about healing crystals. I can’t really comment on those claims. For me, it has been a stone of mental acuity and concentration and I have also turned to it as a ward against poisoning. I think it could probably be effective against excesses of any kind – food addictions, drug use and the like.

If you have not worked with the healing capacity of amethyst, I encourage you to give it a shot. Simply carrying a good piece with you can be an effective remedy for a lot of minor (emotional, physical and spiritual) bumps and bruises. Just have some one hand and pay attention. See if it doesn’t lift you a little.

If you are looking to use amethyst you can get a number of different benefits. However it is important to get your crystals from a reputable source to ensure they are genuine and have the effect that you are looking for.

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