A “Heart Full of Love” Crystal Grid Mandala


A “Heart Full of Love” Crystal Grid


I made this crystal Grid In my sacred space dedicated to Unconditional Love, Self Love, For strengthening the Heart connection for oneself and others and for successful and harmonious relationships of all kinds. Working with the Heart chakra and Loving energies, I set forth on this Special Piece. This Beautiful Piece was made in the sacred space of Love. Tibetan Singing Bowls, And Solfeggio Harmonics Filled the room with pleasant sound as sage wafts gently in the air. Warm “Fuzzy” energy flowed from my heart chakra and tingled in my hands as I worked on this “peace”. This piece has been Lovingly Reiki Infused. This piece can be enjoyed on so many levels; this is another reason why it is a special piece. This truly is a Divinely Inspired one-of-a-kind Crystal “peace”.

A "Heart Full of Love" Crystal Grid Mandala Mosiac  https://www.etsy.com/listing/227297666/a-heart-full-of-love-crystal-grid?ref=shop_home_feat_4

A “Heart Full of Love” Crystal Grid Mandala Mosaic

See More photos Here: a “Heart Full of Love” by Wendy Bee

Display this Beautiful Art Piece in any room needing an energetic uplift.
Work with It for During meditation for Wellness and Balance in the Heart Chakra.
Place it in the bedroom for calm, peaceful and restful sleep.
Display it as a Mosaic Art Piece, Meditation Focal Piece, As A Sun Catcher, As an inspirational maṇḍala, a symbol of Love on your altar, or even the center of a bigger crystal grid you set up yourself.

A “Heart Full of Love” is what We started with. I wire wrapped the center with Rose Quartz rounds, ovals, and 3 copper butterflies in the center in the shape of a Heart. This is to strengthen the Love in the core of this grid.

Heart Centered Core for Strengthening Love Center etsy.com/shop/WholisticBlessings

Heart Centered Core for Strengthening Love Center etsy.com/shop/WholisticBlessings

The Rose Quartz in this piece stimulates and opens the Heart Chakra Energy Center. You may feel it as a warmth in your heart, or an opening, or even a slight energetic static, Making the “hairs on your heart stand up”It is the quintessential stone of Love. Because of its heart healing property, It is the Most powerful stone for activation of the Human Crystal. Work with this crystal ally for Wellness and Balance in the Heart Chakra and to promote a calm loving energy.
The Butterflies remind us of changes, metamorphosis, transformation, and possibilities. The symbolism is the changing from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, to butterfly. First it walked on land then, by metamorphosis it could fly!

Then wire wrapped around the heart is white coral, more heart-shaped rose quartz, sea shells, titanium quartz, and a water clear quartz to amplify and empower the grid. The White Coral ( and sea shells) in this piece were found on the atlantic coast of florida in Palm beach. Coral is used to attract success. It also strengthens the ability of foresight. It is believed that Corals can counter evil spells. The white Coral is capable to repair aura. At a physical level, Coral is a remedy from spasms of intestines, stones in bladder, poisoning and sleeplessness. Modern researchers found out that corals contain hormones with strong positive influence on human body.

A "Heart Full of Love" Rose Quartz, Coral, TigersEye, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Butterflies  etsy.com/shop/WholisticBlessings

A “Heart Full of Love”
Rose Quartz, Coral, TigersEye, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Butterflies

The outside border around the heart is citrine, tigers eye, and 2 more copper butterflies. The citrine in this grid is to keep the Auric energy purified and to allow one to know their worth. It assists one in overcoming feelings of being undeserving of abundance. Tiger’s eye harmonizes well with citrine and adds vitality and strength to empower the whole crystal grid mandala.It also helps created harmony between people with different viewpoints. It is an excellent ally in bringing harmony to families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord.


“Nothing stays the same or lasts for ever. Energy simply changes, evolves, flows and transforms.”


Please note: This listing is not meant as a substitute for medical advice from your physician. I can not offer medical advice because I am not a doctor. Do not stop any treatments without your doctors knowledge. This note has been added because legally I must include this disclaimer.


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I am...A truthseeker I am...A Peacemaker I am...Kenetic Energy always in motion I am...Awakened Bliss I am...A writer, a lover, a mother, a friend, a nuturer I am...One "peace" of the Collective I am...Mee I am...Serendipity!
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