7 Chakras Wire Wrapped Pendants Set

Here is a one of a kind Chakra Set.

7 Chakras Wire Wrapped Pendants with Sterling Silver Necklace / 7 Pendants + Necklace / 8 piece Wire Wrapped Pendant Chakra Set

For those who work with the chakra system and are aware of how the emotional body links to our physical ailments. This 7 Chakra set may be practical and of great benefit. Instead of combining all the 7 stones for one pendant, I’ve decided to make a chakra set which would allow someone the freedom to work on individual chakras as they choose. Some may find a certain chakra blocked or sluggish. Or one may be suffering with discomfort in their body or expanding their knowledge about chakra healing for the first time may benefit from wearing the pendant pertaining to that chakra. I have spoken with Some who have taken classes and worked on one chakra per week.

So, without further ado, Here are the details of the crystals and breakdown of the set. The set comes with 7 pendants. Each representing the 7 major chakras of the body, a 24 inch sterling silver necklace and a 3 inch piece of selenite to keep next to energetically clean the pendant you’ve worn. This set will come in a gift box and I will include some information on the crystals in this set.

The Chakras are as follows:
ROOT (base muladhara, Kundalini (Sanskrit) is made with Red Coral Bamboo
SACRAL (naval, svadhisthana (Sanskrit) is made with Carnelian, Amber, and Red Jasper
SOLAR PLEXUS (manipura (Sanskrit) is made with Tiger’s Eye, and Natural Citrine
HEART ( Heat, anahata (Sanskrit) is made with Green Aventurine, Fancy Jasper, and Moss Agate
THROAT (visuddha (Sanskrit) is made with lapis lazuli, sodalite, and blue aventurine
THIRD EYE ( Brow, ajna (Sanskrit) is made with amethyst
CROWN ( sahasrara (Sanskrit) is made with a clear quartz point

Do not expose the pendants to water, perfumes, lotions, soaps, or creams as they may affect the beauty of your pendants.
For more photos, details or  To view This item Click Here.

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