My Wish For You


“Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7
Many Blessings, Love and Peace to each and All Who Read this post. Sending Out Huge Blasts of Love and Peace from the Depths of My Heart. Although I may not be here all the time as I was before, You are all in my hearts, thoughts and prayers just about all the time.
I hear, read, see, the Triumphs, disappointments, Happiness, sadness, The Good News, The bad News, The Healings, the illness, All types of Wonderful and Blessed Events, and The not-so-wonderful events. All of It…Sometimes none of it. It becomes to much and overwhelming for All of us.

I’m learning, practicing, Being, and working, tirelessly in the background To be a better steward of the Earth. Oh, so so much going on right now. Singing the Praises when Everyone is Doing well. Extending Prayers and Light to whomever, wherever, whenever needs.

May All find Comfort, Strength, Blessings, Peace, Solace, Love and Light Anytime It Is Needed.

I Love you all, Miss You All, and Celebrate Each and Everyone of You. I will be back and better than ever, and I know You will all be back Bigger, Stronger, and Better Thank Ever.

With these words, intent and sentiment…
Sending Prayers and Love To Where and Whom It Is Needed.
All I ask is, Please, Return Prayers, Blessings, Peace and Light Full Circle.
In this way we keep Blessings flowing for Each and Everyone of Us at all times.

Have a Beautiful, Productive, Blessed and Prosperous Week Everyone!
Love you with All The Depth of My Heart.
With a Deep Bow of Gratitude…
Wendy Bee


About Wendy Bee

I am...A truthseeker I am...A Peacemaker I am...Kenetic Energy always in motion I am...Awakened Bliss I am...A writer, a lover, a mother, a friend, a nuturer I am...One "peace" of the Collective I am...Mee I am...Serendipity!
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