Triforce: Power, Wisdom, Courage Kit

This kit was inspired by and created for a 13 year old who, like most teens, enjoys playing video games and has been encountering some difficulties navigating the emotional/physical/hormonal changes this period of life brings. The idea was to create and provide a gemstone and mineral kit which could assist this teen in “gaining some footing” through the challenges/opportunities he/she is experiencing.

This Triforce Power, Wisdom, Courage Kit contains a Triforce pendant necklace, a Selenite wire wrapped wand and a set of Pocket Power Stones.


Triforce: Power Wisdom Courage Pendant Necklace by Wendy Bee

Inspired by the 3 virtues: Power, Wisdom, and Courage, this Triforce pendant was created. The pendant includes a gemstone for each of the Virtues of the Triforce. Red Bamboo Coral For Power, Blue Aventurine for Wisdom and Green Aventurine gemstone for Courage. The Triforce pendant measures 1 3/4″ by about 1 1/2 at its base and comes on a 21″ long black necklace. The great thing about this pendant is that it can be worn either side forward. Yes, It’s reversible!

Additional information of the stones in the Triforce pendant.
Red Bamboo Coral: Because of its red color Red Bamboo Coral, is the color of energy, vitality, strength and Power.
As a side note, Coral’s healing energy matrix changes depending on the hue. Red has a lot of energy and safeguards the bearer from wallowing in depression. It’s considered a purifier for the body, particularly for purging toxins. Having lived in the sea, Coral knows that the waves of life sometimes push us to ugly harsh places. In this it gives you the power to stand your ground and tame the temptation to either become “lost at sea” or release an uncontrollable emotional element that can turn into obsessiveness (and not in a good way).


Triforce Pendant Necklace: Power, Wisdom, Courage by Wendy Bee

Blue Aventurine encourages one to speak one’s highest Wisdom and empowers one’s communications. It is the stone of self-discipline and inner strength. This combined with red bamboo amplify the “power” in the empower element.

Green Aventurine is known as the “Leadership Stone”. Green Aventurine strengthens and restores the Heart energy, providing a balance of male and female energies. This crystal is green and very loving, embracing, and protective of the Heart. Many children who are shy, timid, or suppressing their leadership qualities need a crystal like Aventurine. This stone helps the individual to become active and to initiate action on their own accord…Courage! An added bonus is that Green Aventurine can assist teens in making friends.


Empowerment Selenite Wand Part of the Triforce Power Set by Wendy Bee @WholisticBlessings

This Selenite wand is lovingly wire wrapped with Clear Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline using silver plated copper wire for conductivity. As a collective and harmonious whole, this wand was created to assist and provide support with clarity of mind, getting rid of negative thought patterns, for grounding, manifesting what one “dreams about” and provides support for when the “going gets tough”. Here is some additional detail information about the crystals on this piece.

Black Tourmaline or Schorl clears Auric imbalances. They are vacuüm cleaner of sorts, in that they clear out energies which are not our own. It is an excellent purifier because it helps one detoxify at all levels. Black tourmaline crystals are ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances.  Every time we hit a stressful situation, we go “out of harmony” with our body.  Wearing this gem will help reel you back to the center and de-stress you.  And in our world, there’s an awful lot of stress.  If you work or live in a chaotic environment, you can feel the stress so deeply you can cut it with a knife. Just putting a nice clump of Black Tourmaline in the affected space will act like an energetic vacuüm cleaner, thereby creating a ‘stress free zone’.  Just as air filters work to clear a room of dust, the Black Tourmaline generator will ‘clear the air’ of heavy, dense and “negative” energy.  For those who are overwhelmed by all the constantly fluctuating energies of the school environment, black tourmaline can help ground and protect them, allowing them to concentrate more comfortably on their schoolwork.

Amethyst is the master healing crystal. It works on the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Amethyst helps bring spiritual clarity and love of the higher mind. It can be used in healing to diffuse pain. It clears one’s energy field and enhances for one’s environment. By Clearing and opening the third eye and crown chakras one can accelerate the development of intuitive abilities.  For children “in transition”, whether it be a growth spurt, a major disappointment such as failing a grade, or even hearing the devastating news of divorce or death, Amethyst accepts all negative emotions and provides comfort through spiritual acceptance. Placing an Amethyst cluster in a child’s or teens room who has various disabilities or either physical or emotional pain, will help clear unwanted discharged energies, bringing the room back into a balanced state. It helps to create and sustain a protective “bubble of Light.”

is the “happy sunshine stone”and it supports clarity of thought, enhanced creativity, and amplified abilities of will and manifestation. As the child /teen moves towards becoming an independent individual they may find that citrine helps to bolster self-confidence. It assists one in maintaining one’s direction when the “going gets tough” or when obstacles appear in one’s path. Citrine assists one in overcoming difficulty, maintaining effort through adversity, and taking actions to resolve difficult situations.

Clear Quartz is my tool of choice for amplifying, clearing, and purifying the energies of this wand. The piezoelectric quality of quartz transforms mechanical energy such as pressure into electromagnetic energy and vice versa. When a child or teen makes contact with the right crystal, the energy is discharged either very slowly, or quite suddenly so it feels like a very mild electric shock. This natural energy can be just enough to transform a disharmonious thought pattern, burn off some negative emotional state, or even place the spiritual seeds of one’s future into consciousness. Clear Quartz is also the stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries or meditates with it. Work with Clear quartz for healing, consciousness expansion, sending love, polarity balancing, and communication with angels and spirit guides.

Selenite is a mineral which helps spiritual activation and communication with the Higher Self, your spirit guides and Angels. Feeling weird or unbalanced is not uncommon during the adolescent stage of life and it can be unsettling and distracting. As intuition begins to develop at new and higher levels, there can be imbalances and even conflict between the psychic-intuitive function and emotions and feelings as the teen grows  towards adulthood. The “Teen Brain” is in the middle of many changes. Teens on the path of intuitive development will often need the recommended crystals to center themselves.  Learning to ground their energies while working with Selenite can be of great assistance in day-to-day living while they navigate through these changes. Wearing the crystal by itself at the Heart Chakra as needed will offer the best effect. Selenite also clears blockages and densities in the energy field. Selenite wands can be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing.
The added BONUS: Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal. It constantly recharges itself, so you never have to worry about cleansing it or recharging it–ever! Selenite can cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals and gemstones as well.


This Pocket Power Stones Kit was created to allow for continued energetic support while not working with the wand. This set includes: Black Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, Selenite, and a Bonus: Blue Kyanite.

Blue Lace Agate is a very cooling and calming stone, endowing us with a sense of peace and tranquility.  This stone is the best crystal ally for communication, clarity and confidence. It is a powerful throat healer, as it assists  with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  Blue Lace Agate is a great nurturing and supportive stone, neutralizing anger, infection, inflammation and fever. Yet still, Blue lace agate has a very gentle energy. In this way it can provide its energetic assistance without an overwhelming amount of “crystal Energy”. In addition to the mentioned qualities, Blue lace agate was included to assist with Digestive issues, relieve colic and gas. It also has the added benefit of calming headaches.

Blue Kyanite is a very powerful energy conductor. It is best known for its ability to align all of the Chakras without conscious effort. It doesn’t absorb negative energy. Therefore, Kyanite will never need to be cleansed. Blue Kyanite’s powerful energy creates pathways of energy where before there were none. Kyanite can assist in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other forms of communication between disharmonious people. It acts as an energetic bridge, allowing disparate energies to gently move into resonance and find a common frequency. It can help one find a way to bridge different beliefs and ideas. It can assist one in finding a way to incorporate all aspects of self into a harmonious self.

Working with Crystals:
As you’ve read, Crystals are very helpful allies and tools in helping us to achieve health and well-being. In case you’re wondering how to work with crystals, here’s some brief information on working with these wonderful “friends”. Crystals can be placed around your bed, desk, or worn around your neck close to the heart. When healing a specific area in the body, the crystal(s) should be worn around the neck, or placed on the body over the affected area, for about 15 minutes daily.

Cleaning and Caring for Crystals:
When healing time is complete, it is important to remove the crystal(s) and cleanse it/them according to the crystals needs. Some crystals have special needs. For example, Not all crystals can be placed in water. One of these is Selenite because it dissolves in water. Cleansing the crystals after use is important because the crystal has absorbed the negativity discharged from the body.

An interesting little tidbit about cleaning your stones and crystal tools:
My newest favorite method for cleaning and cleansing my stones is with sound. You can use a singing bowl, a tuning fork, or just plug in your device and play some loud music. Believe it or not this does “reset” your crystals energy! 🙂


A word on energetic Blocks and its connection to fear.
Fear, no matter what type one experiences, create energetic blocks to the things we want and wish for. The Good News is there are many techniques which will allow us to move forward. Begin by recognizing what is causing one’s fear. One may find there are “layers” to this fear or block. By doing this, we discover what is truly at the root of the fear. Once the root cause of ones fear is recognized, with awareness, practice and self-love we can begin to clear away these negative thought patterns and negative energy from our auric field. One can begin and continue to clear away these layers of negative energy and old patterns which we find no longer serve us and enables us to deal with it from a higher point of view. With this new perspective, energy blockages are cleared up we have created a re-balanced, refreshed, re calibrated self which allows us to live in a state of wellness and well-being.

Would You Like me to create a custom order for you?
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Triforce: Power Wisdom Courage Pendant Necklace by Wendy Bee


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