Protection & Circulatory Wellness Selenite Wand

This Protection, and Circulatory Wellness Selenite Wand is made with Amethyst, Heat Treated Citrine, Sodalite and Hematite.

The crystals and gemstones are wire wrapped onto a Selenite wand with copper. The copper serves as a conductor to “link up” the crystal’s collective energy to flow in a balanced and cohesive manner as to facilitate and assist healing were we need it. This wand has been created to assist in providing grounding, lowering blood pressure, clearing/strengthening the energetic body, and wellness.

In this piece, Amethyst provides clarity, energetic protection, Divine connection and release of toxic patterns. Amethyst allows us to provide a clearer line to receive Divine wisdom. It also “quiets the minds chatter” so allow for clearer messages mental processing and higher states of consciousness. It helps clear “mental fogginess”.It forms an energetic shield which wards of negativity in our environment. Amethyst gently cleanses the aura, heals holes and protects it by drawing in Divine energy. Amethyst is known to heal the Heart at the highest spiritual levels and assists/balances the circulatory/blood system. For this reason, it is considered a master healing crystal.

Heat treated Citrine helps brings  bright Light energy/vibrations into our auric energy field. It cleanses and aligns the aura and fills in the gaps.It dissipates emotional and mental heaviness to allow one to perceive things in a more positive light. It can assist in releasing lower thought patterns and encourages a more sunny outlook. Citrine Facilitates healing, health and well-being.It also assists in strengthening immunity. Amongst its many other uses and properties, Citrine provides support and strengthens the digestive system.

The Sodalite in this piece is to assist, lower and heal high blood pressure. Sodalite also has many other physical healing properties. It balances metabolism; cleanses the lymphatic system and organs, thereby boosting the immune system. Its is an excellent stone of the mind in that it eliminates mental confusion.As it calms the mind (from all the internal dialogue) it allows new information to be received.

Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It balances the meridians and dissolves negative energies from entering the aura in order to restore Peace and harmony to the body. Physically, Hematite has a strong bond to the Blood. It restores, repairs, strengthens and regulates the blood supply thereby facilitating healing of the Circulatory system, and blood vessels. The combination of Sodalite, Amethyst and Hematite create the perfect energy conducive of heart healing, lowering of the blood pressure, and overall body temperature.

Selenite quickly opens and activates the third eye (the seat of wisdom). It’s like a quick, clean gust of wind blowing through the third eye when the wand is pointed in this area. Selenite is a mineral which helps spiritual activation and communication with the Higher Self, your spirit guides and Angels. Selenite also clears blockages and densities in the energy field. Selenite wands can be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing.
In addition to the afore-mentioned benefits, Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal. It constantly recharges itself, so you never have to worry about cleansing it or recharging it–ever! Selenite can cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals and gemstones as well.

Working with Crystals:
As you’ve read, Crystals are very helpful allies and tools in helping us to achieve health and well-being. In case you’re wondering how to work with crystals, here’s some brief information on working with these wonderful “friends”. Crystals can be placed around your bed, desk, or worn around your neck close to the heart. When healing a specific area in the body, the crystal(s) should be worn around the neck, or placed on the body over the affected area, for about 15 minutes daily.

Cleaning and Caring for Crystals:
When healing time is complete, it is important to remove the crystal(s) and cleanse it/them according to the crystals needs. Some crystals have special needs. For example, Not all crystals can be placed in water. One of these is Selenite because it dissolves in water. Cleansing the crystals after use is important because the crystal has absorbed the negativity discharged from the body.

An interesting little tidbit about cleaning your stones and crystal tools:
My newest favorite method for cleaning and cleansing my stones is with sound. You can use a singing bowl, a tuning fork, or just plug-in your device and play some loud music. Believe it or not this does “reset” your crystals energy!🙂




Working with crystals, meditation, and reiki are just a few of great ways to energetically heal, release stress and tension, and bring your body into a relaxed state.

Please Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to assist in healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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