Digestive Aide Stones

Digestive Aide POCKET STONES


Black Tourmaline or Schorl clears Auric imbalances. They are vacuum cleaner of sorts, in that they clear out energies which are not our own.

Black Tourmaline was added for its transmutation, protection and purification qualities. Black Tourmaline was also added for its grounding abilities. It provides a grounding path for Light to enter the Earth Plane. It helps one to release worry and anxiety which stems from fear. Black Tourmaline is ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places of circumstances. Carrying or meditating with one of these stones can keep one’s auric field clear of imbalance, even in the presence of destructive energies. This crystals acts like a sort of vacuum cleaner to get rid of “Bad vibes”. It clears out our own and our surrounding area of negativity and disharmony and can provide high levels of purification which helps us to elevate our consciousness.


Selenite Tower & Selenite Logs. Selenite is a mineral which helps spiritual activation and communication with the Higher Self, your spirit guides and Angels. Wholistic Blessings

Selenite is a calcium and sulfur based crystal. Selenite clears our energy centers and cleanses our Auric field. Selenite is one of my favorite crystal allies. It facilitates Spiritual activations, and communications from our Higher Self and our spirit guides and angels. This multi talented crystal helps in opening and balancing our chakra system. In essence, turning on our “heart light” and light body system. Selenite also clears blockages and densities in the energy field. Selenite wands can be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing.

Amethyst Sphere, tumbled stones, and clusters
Amethyst boosts the production of hormones, and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands to optimum performance. It supports oxygenation in the blood, and aids in treatments of the digestive tract, heart, stomach, and skin. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system and reduces bruising, pain and swellings. It has been used with excellent results as an elixir in the treatment of arthritis.


A stabilizing stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. Carnelian With selenite wand made by Wendy Bee @ Wholistic Blessings

Carnelian can be applied physically to the stomach to help promote balanced digestion. It will help with pregnancy and abdominal pain. It resonates with our Sacral Chakra and helps strengthen our creative center. It will also help with balancing our organizational skills, opening the door to fulfillment. Physically, Carnelian crystals will encourage the formation of new blood cells rejuvenating yourself from the inside out!


Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways. Citrine and Selenite Wand created by Wendy Bee @Wholistic Blessings

Golden citrine cleanses and detoxifies the Kundalini line (connection of chakras in the center of the body) and the emotional body. It supports tissue regeneration. Golden citrine aids spinal balancing on the meridian and energy levels by balancing Ch’i movement through the central nervous system. This stone clears, expands and aligns the aura. It heals, opens and aligns the etheric, emotional and mental levels. Golden citrine fills the aura with light and clarity. It stimulates your intellect and mental activity. It physically heals the kidneys, digestive problems and urinary tract.


I must share the standard disclaimer that we are not a doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment.


About Wendy Bee

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