Lapis Lazuli and Hematite Bracelet

This is a beautiful Lapis Lazuli and Hematite bracelet which measures 9 1/8 inch in length. Copper Butterflies of Transformation. The copper and gold beads with the deeper blue of the lapis and lustre of the hematite offer such a beautiful palette of color for a beautiful piece of eye candy.

Lapis Lazuli is a Strong Wind element stone. This beautiful stone has been traced back as far as 3100B.C. It was used in scarabs, beads, and all kinds of jewelry. It is a stone of royalty and spirituality. Lapis is included with pyrite, sulfur, and white calcite. Lapis Lazuli connects to the third eye and throat chakras.


Lapis Lazuli, Hematite and Copper Butterfly Gemstone Bracelet Transformation & Metamorphosis Inner Vision Truth Animal Totem Wholistic Blessings

Hematite is for grounding, to counteract spaciness, to balance the Auric field and help align the chakras.
The hematite magnets ground energies and bring Light energies into the Earth. They also prevent the symptoms energetic overload.

The Butterflies remind us of changes, metamorphosis, transformation, and possibilities. The symbolism is the changing from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, to butterfly. First it walked on land then by metamorphosis it could fly!

The collective energies of these crystal allies is Through Truth with ourselves and Truth in our Words, from Our Hearts, We can Make Our Dreams Really Come True. As cliché as that me sound, Just as The Butterfly Transforms, Our words are things and what you speak, you are creating what you are speaking. What are you saying? What are you feeling? Make your change to be in alignment from heart Chakra to Throat Chakra To Root Chakra and Back Again. Here’s a little crystal ally that can assist you on the leg of this journey. 🙂


About Wendy Bee

I am...A truthseeker I am...A Peacemaker I am...Kenetic Energy always in motion I am...Awakened Bliss I am...A writer, a lover, a mother, a friend, a nuturer I am...One "peace" of the Collective I am...Mee I am...Serendipity!
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