Becoming a Certified Crystal Healer

After working through the Certified Healer Course, the volunteer sessions have taught me many valuable lessons. My first volunteer was my husband. Even though he is my husband, I wanted to work on him as a client (no cheating!). At the beginning of my husband’s session, I noticed the difficulty I had was with grounding, however, working through his session helped settle me down and I was able to get better grounding. In the second and third healing I made sure to solidly ground, so this became easier. During the second session, I found that by laying a grounding grid around my client, it helped me ground as well. In the preparation for each Volunteer session, I became aware of how being ungrounded or not being properly grounded felt. With each process of each person’s healing session, I could feel I was grounding better and having less anxiety or nervousness. How funny to think, “Here I am assisting others to “blast-off” and Astral Project and my take-away Lesson is Grounding.” This difficulty has been steadily improving as I continue to learn the Absolute need for grounding. Lesson Learned.
May I add also that through the Grounding came Confidence. I was second-guessing myself which didn’t help in the “confidence department”. I’ve learned that a side-effect of proper Grounding is more energy, confidence and less anxiety. This is a Win-Win!
I’m Grateful to receive these lessons.


In order to continue to learn and improve as a Certified Crystal Healer, I will be revisiting it often. When I review or even just listen while I work on things at home, more information sticks and becomes more clear.
There are many wonderful resources, tools, techniques, and the Energy here is just AMAZING! I will continue to follow along because the information presented here in Hibiscus Moon comes from a space science and spirituality.
I will continue to test myself, and as resources are more available, I wish to continue to the Advanced Crystal Healer program. Crystals run through my blood (lol). I believe Crystals, sound and frequencies will continue to play an important role in alternative healing in my life and all over the world; A day when alternative healing is the norm. I’m grateful to Have the opportunity to work on those who come in with their certificates. I endeavor to develop a practice that allows me to assist others to heal and allows me to continue to learn and then teach what I’ve learned. This calling resonates deeply within me and I can’t Imagine Doing and Being anything else.


Would I be exaggerating if I said I loved all the classes? No, I really did love all the classes. From the first class, OMG! The geek side of my brain was constantly scratched. Finally, I found a course that spoke my language. The first class, Crystal Basics, I loved learning about the DOR, dominant oscillatory rate, the practical uses of crystals, their piezoelectric qualities, toroidal fields, entropy, etc. Oh my goodness, It was so Awesome,
I totally ate up till the last morsel. The Sacred Space Class, solidified what has resonated with me for a long time: The need for a “me space”. This is the space I recharge, ground in (now), re-center and recalibrate. This class showed me just how important Sacred Space is. The crystals grids class provided some deeper information to what I was doing instinctively. The aligning with sacred geometry was very important to me because of how readily sacred geometry is found in nature. Sacred Geometry is “Au Naturale”, baby (lol). It’s as pure/raw as it gets. The sensing energy class also pulled on me deeply. I sense energy all the time in a variety of ways. In this class, I developed better language to describe Energy and to sense it with pendulums, our hands, crystals. The best part behind it, yet again, was the science behind this sensing of energy. I believe my love of this course stems from the marriage of Spirituality with Science. This is a HUGE deal for me.
Finally, The Last class where everything “gelled together” had to be my absolute favorite and bittersweet class. Why? Because it is the last class. However, It’s this last class and the requirements that really “nailed down the floor” for me. I’ve learned so much about crystal healing and I learned much about myself too. This course has Helped me become Grounded, Confidant, Empowered and knowledgeable about this Crystal Healer Path. Thank You, Stephanie for putting these classes together. I’m looking forward to continuing with Hibiscus Moon Courses and Classes. You offer invaluable tools and I’m forever Grateful.
I offer each and all a Deep Bow of Gratitude for this opportunity. Thank You.
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