Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Aromatherapy Dog Collar


Here we have a Clear Quartz Crystal Aromatherapy Crystal Gemstone Dog Collar. This is a unique piece because it combines crystal healing with aromatherapy. This is multi-level healing in one beautiful and practical collar. The crystals in this Aromatherapy Gemstone Dog Collar is useful For Inflammation, Pain relief, and Enhances Vitality.
Is your dog suffer from low energy levels?
Has he/she recently recovered from an illness and needs support in achieving total wellness?
Does your fur baby have arthritis, pain and/ or inflammation??
This Aromatherapy Gemstone Dog Collar may provide the relief you and your pet have been searching for. In this Dog Collar, one Natural Clear Quartz beads and 2 Lava Beads have been hand-stitched to the nylon collar. Each Bead is securely and meticulously hand-sewn with strong waxed linen thread and/or heavy black quilting thread for extra security. To allow for aromatherapy, 2 lava beads have been sewn in the same way. You can place 1-2 drops of the essential oil of your choice (sold separately). Please follow the advice of a certified or licensed aromatherapist.

So why work with Clear Quartz?
Clear Quartz is the general “master” healer for both us bipeds and our fur babies. Clear Quartz enhances vitality and overall wellness. Aside from these qualities, clear quartz is also known for its amplification and transformation benefits. It can assist in alleviating emotional extremes, speeds up healing, and boosts the immune system. It’s also very helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.
If you have just one crystal for your pet (or yourself) This is THE crystal to have!

Clear Quartz Can Assist and Support
Relieves Pain & Inflammation
Alleviates Emotional Extremes
Enhances Vitality

The stones used in these collars are all natural, are shaped and polished. No treatments have been added by man to enhance the stones in any form. The collar you see in the photo is the one you will receive. The collar has a D-Ring for attaching the leash and/or identification tags. You can Find this collar here.

Collar Details:
Material: Nylon Collar
Color: Black
Collar Width: 5/8 inches
Adjusts: 14 inches to 20 inches
Gemstones: Clear Quartz & Lava Beads

For the Longevity and Protection of the stones, Always remove the collar before your dog goes into water, swimming or bathing. See the last three photos for other Aromatherapy Gemstone Dog Collars Available in my shop.

Please message me with any questions. I’m Happy to Be in Service.

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