Causes of Ascension sickness

We’ve been discussing the symptoms of Ascension sickness or Ascension flu lately. There are many different complaints, symptoms and sensations many are feeling right now. Briefly, Some Of those symptoms include allergies, headache, nausea, fatigue and/or tiredness.

In this post will discuss the causes of Ascension sickness and what we may be feeling. We will discuss remedies in the next post.

Some of us have begun to use and work with alternative healing modalities. This is because conventional medicine hasn’t given some of us full results and/or satisfactory healing. Some of these alternative healing modalities include acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, Reiki, Crystal and energy healing, Qigong, and a plethora of others.

All of these modalities have One main thing in common, we are talking about energy. All of these healing modalities are talking about and healing at an energetic level. Once we’ve had a healing session, light energy begins to circulate within our body and around our body. So stagnant energy’s, dense energies from food we’ve eaten or toxic relationships or behaviors are now ready for release. Our energetic body now begins to detox.

As our body begins to detox, and as our energetic body begins to detox, our physical body will begin to show signs of detox as well. Densities, toxins, and other “spiritual goo” will begin to be shed, released, and purged. So this release can resemble allergies.

So, let’s think about allergies. An allergy is the body’s response to allergens, histamines, and triggers in the environment. Let’s Think about this on a deeper level. Who or what in our environment are we allergic to? What in our daily life are we allergic to? Are you “allergic” to your job? Now deeper still… Are you denying your own personal power by allowing this “allergy” to persist without a remedy?

Now, let’s move on to headaches. While we are receiving these new light codes and Light energies, keep in mind these energies pour in through the crown chakra. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. so if you feel like you have a headache, or you have a sensation of something pouring down or pressing down on the top of your head know that your crown chakra is being activated.

These energetic headaches feel different than regular headaches. The “pain” from Energetic or ascension headaches feel like it moves around, and has varying intensity and may even come in with visual changes. There are times where it feels like a sharp pain other times it’s dull. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the face, in the temple or the fore head. At one point, I would feel the headache in my upper teeth and gums.

The reason we have this pain is because there is a influx of more energy and light coming in to and through the pineal gland. The brain is developing and expanding at an Energetic level to upgrade and continue growing and expanding to a higher state of consciousness.

The nausea some of us are feeling stems from fear and the inability to “stomach” or digest some idea, experience or relationship. This area of our body, known as the solar plexus, is the region where our sense of self “dwells”. So having issues with self-worth and finding our true identity can cause this symptom to flare up especially if we’re doing our healing work centered in this area.

Fatigue and tiredness can stem from our body processing all of this light energy. In allowing energy healing to take place, now your body needs to process all of this. Allow the process of healing, releasing, and detoxing to take place in the most calming and peaceful manner possible. You may feel an increase or intensity of this light energy while your body and electromagnetic field acclimates to this upgrade.

In my next post we will discuss tips and remedies that can assist us or at least lessen the symptoms so we are more comfortable during these tough energetic times.

Until then brightest of blessings for each and everyone of you.


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