How to work with crystal grids

How to Work with Crystal Grids

Do you have one of those gorgeous framed crystal grids hanging on your wall or did you create one in your sacred space? Do you have a Selenite Wand, Or any type crystal wand? Do you have a favorite crystal or crystals?

Did you know those beautiful crystal grids have more than just the purpose of hanging gorgeously on your wall? Did you know your wand and/crystals sitting on a shelf can have such a direct, positive effect on you, your well being and your environment? Have you wondered how else you can work with your crystals? How can we better work with these beautiful pieces of art to assist us in our every day lives?

One of the things that makes Crystals so appealing is their beauty. So Crystal grids bring us feelings of joy, and visually, they supply beauty. Putting a group of crystals together to form a crystal grid we are bathed in the crystal’s collective energies and we are seeing beauty multiplied. In turn, Each of these components magnifies the positive collective energy available to You and the Environment.

Crystal grids can also assist us to deepen and evolve our spiritual growth. One way of passively working with your crystal grid is to place it in a room and allow a Crystals energies to infuse the room. Another more direct and active way of working with your grid is through intention and visualization.

While building this crystal relationship, you will develop a stronger connection with the crystals in the grid.

As you practice, you will come into resonance with the energies emanating from the crystal Grid. Then you will come to realize you’re building a relationship/kinship with these crystal beings. This, in turn, will strengthen and empower you and your environment with these positive energies.

Crystals, Crystal Wands, and Crystal Grids are Spiritual Tools

So how can we work with the healing crystal grid in our meditation or our every day life?

Here is an exercise you can practice while building a relationship with your crystal grid, crystal wand, individual stones and/or group of stones.

So first, let’s begin With an Intention.

On a small piece of paper, Being as specific as you can, Write your goals and intentions. What does your intention/goal feel like? What does it “look like”? What does it “smell like”? Imagine each detail as realistically as you can while you write it down.

Next, Prepare your sacred space in the manner you prefer. Play relaxing meditation music, solfeggio music, or healing frequency music. Smudge with sage, sweet grass, Palo Santo, Nag Champa or any other scent you love.

Lower the Lights or shut them off. Light a candle or tea light making certain put it in a safe area and in a container designed for candles.
Safety first 😊✨

If your Crystal grid is a movable crystal grid, fold your piece of intention paper in half and put it beneath the center stone. If your crystal grid is framed, mounted or hanging on the wall, you can place your “intention paper” beneath your tea light or candle container near the crystal Grid and leave the grid in its home place. You can take your crystal Grid down from its home location and place it in front of you while you meditate. Make sure to return your crystal grid back to its home location to continue the energy flow to its original space.

If you prefer, you can place your paper on your altar, in which ever way resonates with you and your spiritual practice.

Activate Your crystal grid with a Clear Quartz Point. Starting from the center stone connect each stone to the center stone. You “connect” each stone by touching the Quartz point to the center stone then touch next stone with the quartz point. Repeat this process till all stones have been connected. We will explore this topic in better detail in another post.

Remember to keep your focus on your intention/thoughts/visualization.

You may conclude your ritual here if you like.

Or you may choose to sit and meditate in this sacred environment you’ve just created for yourself.

Write Down, take notes, or journal any insight you receive during this time.

Practice this for 1 week. Then go over your notes and see what patterns emerged, what message is being revealed, and or what insight has been offered to you.

May this post assist those searching for clarity. Do you have a question? Message me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


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