Work-Life Balance: Myth or Fact

Occasionally, I find I need to take a break from all the self-imposed deadlines and you may not see posts here on a constant basis. This is a one woman show behind the scenes. I totally Love what I do. … Continue reading

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Unlock the Door to Non-Invasive Healing Modalities

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Hello Everyone! I’m totally over the moon!!! I have been featured in Hibiscus Moon’s blog today! How totally awesome to be featured on something that means sooo much to me. Please Allow me to elaborate a little…I have been working … Continue reading

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Triforce: Power, Wisdom, Courage Kit

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This kit was inspired by and created for a 13 year old who, like most teens, enjoys playing video games and has been encountering some difficulties navigating the emotional/physical/hormonal changes this period of life brings. The idea was to create … Continue reading

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Fertility Protection Selenite Wand Kit

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This fertility wand was created as a custom order. As you read this post one will come to realize it was made for fertility protection. The Amethyst, Selenite, Tourmaline and Rainbow Moonstone were added in this piece to provide auric, psychic, … Continue reading

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Synchronicity, Nature and Animals

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I’ve had an interesting scenario play out with a cardinal family earlier this week. Sunday morning after finishing my cup of coffee, I heard the beautiful song of a Cardinal family which lives in one of the trees in my … Continue reading

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Swirls of Blue and Silver

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Despite what its name implies, there is no gold in Goldstone; in fact, Goldstone is man-made glass infused with copper particles; the additions of cobalt, manganese or chromium result in the deep, shimmery Blue Goldstone. It was invented by the … Continue reading

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Chakra Wand Flowering Energy Wheels

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With all these excess vibrations and energies swirling around, sometimes it can help to have some Crystal support around and at your fingertips. Here is a ‪Selenite Chakra Wand which is the perfect support. There are many ways to work with … Continue reading

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Communication Crystals

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So in keeping with the topic of Communication, Let’s talk about a few of the crystals one can work with to help with our communication skills. Keep in mind there are many these are just a few. Most times, not … Continue reading

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A Word on Communication

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Today, I wanted to reflect and think about communication. The way we communicate today has changed and expanded in infinite ways. We communicate in ways which are far more convenient than “back in the day.” We  used to send “snail mail”, now … Continue reading

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Heart Chakra LOVE’S INTERNAL LIGHT Selenite Wand

This is a gorgeous and tender piece and Oh how this one just fills the Heart with Loving Light! It’s vibration is one which reminds me of how a loving, tender grandmother holds and comforts her grandchild. The warm light feeling you’d get as a child in the center of your heart. It’s the closest to unconditional love words can express. “Love’s Internal Light” feels just like that! It Feels like The wand would hug you if it had arms! Then, I suddenly realized I’ve just been hugged by my wand! Wow! As I typed those those words, that was my realization. I held her and closed my eyes to describe her. There you have it. She’s a “hugger”! Wow!


I’ve recently quietly sat with this piece and felt the energy emanating from it. As I Lovingly held it in my hands on my laps, I heard a call to put it close to my heart. The I felt a pulse emanate from it and into my heart followed by a calming of my breath and then slowly my being “settled in”. It feels like a safe, peaceful, gentle place to restore yourself after a long day or even to begin a practice of “personal peace.”

May this wand facilitate a sense of Peace, Love and Calm. ❤


This is the exact piece you will receive. “Love’s Internal Light” is made with pink cat’s eye round beads and Hearts. Right in the center of the wand you’ll find a chlorite included clear quartz point. You can see the chlorite “dots” on the last photo. I’ve added some “Fairy Dust” underneath the Quartz which provides a nice colorful sparkle… Thereby Activating Guardian Angel “Magic”, Pure Angelic and Loving Energies. It’s energy is Calm yet Energizing, Loving, and Supportive. There is a nice, warm yet cooling vibration and you hold it with your eyes closed.

This Beautiful Piece measures a very comfortable 7 1/2 inches and was made in the sacred space of Love. Tibetan Singing Bowls, And Solfeggio Harmonics Filled the the room with pleasant sound as sage wafts gently in the air.
This warm “Fuzzy” energy flowed from my heart chakra and tingled in my hands as I worked on this “peace”.

To find this Piece Click Here.

The wand includes a hand-sewn Ecofi Classic felt sleeve for safe keeping. The felt is 100% polyester made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, and is made in the USA. It will also include information on the crystals on your custom made, one-of-a-kind wand.

May you enjoy this piece as much as I Enjoyed creating it!

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