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Chakra Balancing Selenite Wand ✨

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Chakra Balancing ✨Selenite Wand. Perfect travel buddy measuring 2 3/4″. Each Crystal Bead is a Real gemstone representing each #chakra. This piece is wire wrapped in gold copper, which provides harmonious energy flow. This is the only one of its … Continue reading

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Protection & Circulatory Wellness Selenite Wand

This Protection, and Circulatory Wellness Selenite Wand is made with Amethyst, Heat Treated Citrine, Sodalite and Hematite. The crystals and gemstones are wire wrapped onto a Selenite wand with copper. The copper serves as a conductor to “link up” the crystal’s collective energy … Continue reading

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Triforce: Power, Wisdom, Courage Kit

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This kit was inspired by and created for a 13 year old who, like most teens, enjoys playing video games and has been encountering some difficulties navigating the emotional/physical/hormonal changes this period of life brings. The idea was to create … Continue reading

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Fertility Protection Selenite Wand Kit

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This fertility wand was created as a custom order. As you read this post one will come to realize it was made for fertility protection. The Amethyst, Selenite, Tourmaline and Rainbow Moonstone were added in this piece to provide auric, psychic, … Continue reading

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Chakra Wand Flowering Energy Wheels

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With all these excess vibrations and energies swirling around, sometimes it can help to have some Crystal support around and at your fingertips. Here is a ‪Selenite Chakra Wand which is the perfect support. There are many ways to work with … Continue reading

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Heart Chakra LOVE’S INTERNAL LIGHT Selenite Wand

This is a gorgeous and tender piece and Oh how this one just fills the Heart with Loving Light! It’s vibration is one which reminds me of how a loving, tender grandmother holds and comforts her grandchild. The warm light … Continue reading

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7 Chakra Harmony Crystal Reiki Healing Wand For Clearing Open and Balance

The Energy emitted from these Healing Wands Bring forth Pure Light in a Steady and Tingly Pulsing Vibration. There is a sensation of Wind flowing in and out through the crown chakra. This energy tool works well for balancing Energies, … Continue reading

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Black and Orange Crystal Pendant Necklace

✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨✶*¨`*.✫*¨*✶*¨`* Selenite Carnelian Black Tourmaline Rainbow Hematite Magnetic Hematite Blackstone ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨✶*¨`*.✫*¨*✶*¨`* The Crystals added in this Pendant are mounted onto a Selenite wand/slab with Silver and Black Coated Copper. Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal. It constantly recharges itself, so you … Continue reading

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